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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  February 16, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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this is a live look at the white house where in 30 minutes, president trump is expected to announce his pick to become the country's next labor secretary after his first choice andrew puzder withdrew yesterday. if it happened sooner we will stop whatever we're doing to bring it to you
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i'm andrea roane. president trump's candidate though continues to fill out the senate has confirmed south carolina congressman mick mulvaney as budget chief and confirmation hearings for neil gorsuch are set to begin march 20th. meanwhile the president is promising to ferret out low lying leakers who've been reportedly providing information to the media. as craig boswell reports, democrats say the bigger problem is what flynn did. not how the country found out about it. >> reporter: we're going to find the leakers. >> they're going to pay a big price for the leaking. >> reporter: president trump has declared war against people leaking classified information to the press. tweeting this morning -- the spotlight has finally been put on the low life leakers. they will be caught. national security adviser michael flynn was forced to resign after press reports revealed flynn misled the american people and vice president pence about conversations he had with russia easements to the u.s -- amount to the u.s. >> i -- ambassador to ths.
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unfair what happened to general flynn. the way he was treat asked the documents and papers that were illegally i stress that, illegally leaked. >> reporter: the president is reportedly considering appointing steven fineberg a fellow new york billionaire to lead a review of u.s. intelligence agencies. congressional republicans are also taking up the president's mandate to find the leakers and prosecute them. >> the leaks to the press are outpacing the information available to congress right now. >> reporter: thursday morning the heads of two house committees sent a letter to the department of justice inspector general asking for an immediate investigation into whether classified material was mishandled. but in a separate letter, senate democrats say attorney general jeff sessions a former adviser to the trump campaign should recuse himself and appoint a special counsel to investigate what general flynn did who knew about it, and when. >> if this trail leads to the oval office, the person investigating that trail should not be the same person who helped put president trump there. >> reporter: the id
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thursday, tweeting -- the democrats had to come up with a story as to why they lost the election and so badly that they made up a story. russia. fake news. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. >> the president has insisted he has no ties to russia and the white house denies reports trump campaign officials were in contact with russian intelligence officers. people on social media though aren't holding back on how they feel about this situation with russia. pap pa arcane is asking what many are wondering. he writes why did the trim campaign have constant contact with the russians? and cat tweets thank you leakers, god speed and stay safe. #russiancollusion-- we'd love to hear what you think. log to my of the -- any of the wusa9 mold pages -- social media pages and join the conversation. what would a day
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well, it won't take long to figure out if you try to eat at one of your favorite rest abilities today. dozens of restaurants like downtown are closed or offering limited services today. it's all in support of the day without immigrants movement. the protest started on social media and is meant to highlight the daily contributions of immigrants. now this came as a response to the president's stance on illegal immigration and some think the message of unity and the need for reform will get across. >> both my parents are immigrants. and they've been working so like -- all their lives to be here to stay here and to raise me and my sisters. so i want to do this for them. more than anything. >> at one point, we were all immigrants. >> a few other businesses have posted signs on their doors explaining why customers won't be served today. as part of the movement, some daycare centers opened late and a couple of bilingual schools canceled classes, those oppose
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across the area. ♪ chicago investigators are looking over this video of a gang related shooting that killed a toddler and a man. tuesday's shooting was streamed live on facebook as it happened. the violence was recorded by pregnant woman who was wounded running from the gunfire. she is expected to survive. 26-year-old lazera collins known gang member and 2-year- old latonte white were not as fortunate. community members say they're fed up with the violence especially involving children. >> how can you come and shoot at a mother, with her child, in her stomach? and shoot at somebody driving a vehicle with a 2-year-old toddler in the back? that's totally -- this is just totally -- this is outrageous, this should not be tolerated. >> no one is in police custody. however investigators say they have some very good leads including that video.
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gym teacher is charged with stealing items from the high school locker room. 55-year-old jerry heinz jr. stole stuff from students at least three times at anne arundel county. d.c. public school officials are warning students about bedbugs at minor element i roll -- miner elementary school. students and staff saw bugs late last week can they were killed. -- and they were killed. authorities won't believe there's -- don't believe there's widespread infestation but just last week students returned to their classrooms after a bedbug infestation there. montgomery county authorities say careless smoking sparked this blaze that sent a dozen people out of their homes into the cold overnight. it happened at the gables on tuckerman apartments in north bethesda. the fire started on a third floor balcony but spread to the attic causing about $400,000 in damage. fortunately, no one was hurt. a water main break sent water shooting into the air in the old to
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alexandria, virginia this morning. the break happened near the george washington masonic national memorial. police say the second quarter hundred block of park -- 200 block of park road is closed as crews repain the water main break. -- repair the water main break. customers in the area may have or no lower -- low or no water pressure. snow flurries this morning, that is going on? but warmer weather supposed to be heading our way in time for the weekend. let's confirm that with howard bernstein. >> yeah just a little taste of winter if you will. some flurries and some heavier snow showers all of this on some brisk northwesterly winds coming out of ohio and pennsylvania over the metro area and still seeing some isolated to scattered flurries and snow showers the you can see them on the eastern shore. not much in southern maryland but d.c. i saw some sun in northwest but to the east from silver spring through college park headed toward landham and fedex field there. over to route 50. have to watch out for
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same story in rockville up 270 through germantown now poolesville and dickerson. everything is moving southeast so yes you may see some sun a few minutes later maybe a few flurries here and there. and we seen a few light flurries from warrenton to haymarket in the southern part of prince william and fauquier counties. so yes conversational flakes, the worst problem to me anyway is the wind on the cold. we've got winds gusting over 30 miles an hour. leesburg gusting to 33 and gaithersburg 32 and when you factor in the temperatures, which are only in the 30s, now we've got temperatures in the 20s and -- windchills in the 20s and likely low 30s this afternoon. but yes, you'll need the went gear for today anyway. temps low 40s this afternoon. some of you will stay on the 30s. brisk though with the winds up and a few flurries through mid- afternoon. some clearing and cold temperatures this evening. we'll in the 20s tonight then a big warm-up for the weekend. we'll tell you about in a few minutes or go to the wusa9 app right
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along with the news, traffic and sports and lots of stuff you can check out and it's a free download. andrea? thanks howard. two more suspects were arrested overnight in connection with the assassination of the half brother of north korean dictator kim jong-un. an autopsy revealed there were no puncture wounds to kim young nam's face or head. that discredits initial reports the assassins used bodien needles. adriana -- poison needles. we have more from beijing. >> reporter: in woman is a -- this woman is a suspected assassin. she was caught on camera wearing a shirt ironically emblazoned with the letters lol. she and a second woman are suspected of attacking kim jong nam. police say two women threw a cloth laced with liquid potentially poison on his face monday. he died en route to the hospital. one place you won't hear about the murder, north korea. >>
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power inside north korea. >> reporter: foreign affairs analyst ken gauze wrote a book on kim jong-un. >> kim jong-un may now feel emboldened to take the last steps to consolidation of power. >> reporter: he was one the country's -- once the country's heir apparent. he criticized his younger brother from exile. south korean officials say he survived an assassination attempt in 2012 and wrote a letter to his brother, begging for lean ensy. if north korea did in fact order hill murder it may indicate growing instability. >> so long to finally carry out the execution? that would suggest a triggering factor either inside north korea or outside north korea that has led to this assassination. >> reporter: the two women in custody have not yet been charged but they're being held without bail for seven days. as for the autopsy, the kim's urine, blood and
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are being tested for toxic suck stances, the -- substances, the results are expected in a week, adriana diaz, cbs news, the beijing. our heart love campaign is helping adults understand the importance of a healthy heart. next, we revisit a young boy one year after he was diagnosed with congenital heart failure.
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welcome back to the news at noon. our heart love month long campaign saves lives by preventing cardiovascular disease. today we have an update to a story we first told you about in 2016. a 12-year-old boy with autism in montgomery county was diagnosed with congenital heart disease. shortly after his diagnosis, eric carpen tear grantham has open heart surgery and our mikea turner
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>> just glad that i was here for my 12th birthday last year. >> reporter: 12-year-old eric carpenter grantham is the happiest he's been in ha while. a lover of gospel music, he enjoys singing and dancing with his mother linda to songs they wrote together. ♪ eric is full-timing more reasons to smile these days even when he looks down at the large scar on his chest. >> it's a really, really amazing thing. >> reporter: it remind him of battle he fought and won. >> just grateful. >> reporter: in january of 2016, eric was diagnosed with congenital heart disease. a heart abnormality that some babies are born with. shortness of breath and fatigue are usually red flags. doctors say the disease is often hard to detect when patients are young because it's progressive. but eric's case was different. his heart was getting larger and doctors found a lot of blood pumping into his lungs. that's because eric's veins weren't attached to his heart properly. his mother was nervous when she ar
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chest being open, his heart stopped, and he's not breathing on his own? that it's all machines at that moment until they do what they need to do? it was -- it was really, really frightening. >> reporter: the day eric went in for surgery, family, friends and even strangers showed up wearing these t-shirts that say i'm an advocate for eric grantham. to show their support. >> all you have is your faith at that point. >> reporter: the procedure took close to four hours. >> he was hooked up to the machines. it was frightening. to see him like that. it was very, very emotional. extremely emotional. i can't remember a time i cried so much. >> reporter: eric was expected to spend 10 to 14 days recovering in the hospital. but he was out in six. we stopped by to see him before he was released. >> his recovery was so -- it went -- it went so smooth. >> god was with me right there. and that's miracles. >> reporter: since the operation, mom says eric has been doing well.
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but has occasional problems with his left leg and the arch in his left foot. >> it seems to give him a lot of pain off and on sometimes. just kind of came out of nowhere this summer. >> reporter: she believes it's from the heart surgery. so we asked if there's a connection. eric's cardiologist wasn't available for an on camera interview but says in a statement quote -- there is no evidence that any of eric's specific symptoms are associated with his surgery. we continue to monitor everyic's progress. -- eric's progress. even with a full challenges here and there, eric just hopes his strength and faith will encourage someone else. >> whoever is watching this, i want you -- i want to tell you this. i want you to stay strong. >> reporter: reporting from montgomery county, mikea turner, wusa9. >> and when he gets a little older eric wants to write a book about his experience as a 12-year-old undergoing a life- saving surgery. we want to thank the hundreds of people who showed up in landover,
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received free tests. that looks for plaque in the arteries. to learn their risk for heart disease. >> i found out that i'm good here. that i'm safe. so that's good enough for me right now. >> my blood glucose was good. she said it was good and any blood pressure was a little high but she said it might be all the excitement. >> i've always told people keep your teeth you'll be okay. i kept my teeth but evidently i haven't done everything i should do with my health. >> it will teeth are important but you have to do something else. we always held heart love screenings here at wusa9 yesterday and 163 poem came to the -- people came to the station to get much-needed tests to ensure their heart health including meeting with doctors from the med star heart and vascular institute. now one way to show your heart some love is by eating healthy. but not everyone can afford this kind of the food. wusa9 is here to help. we're teaming up with wal-mart toll collect heart -- to
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wal-mart stores in fort totten, prince frederick, landover, la plata and channel tillly. and -- chantilly. and at tar mine's on 7th street in northwest d.c. is going to happen monday, february 20th from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. however there are if a reservation -- for this a reservation is required and you can do that by going to the wusa9 app or website and search heart love. i hope to see you there next monday between 6:00 and 8:00 p.m. but don't forget reservations necessary. >> i went up stairs and slitting with the folks and the medical personnel as well as the folks who came the get their test. and great thing i'm glad we did that. i'm glad the folk who is came because -- folks who came because getting that knowledge is important but you have to take action once you get the information. >> that means seeing a primary care physician, what do you do with the numbers after that? >> right,
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however weather-wise, maybe you're sniffling today. yes we have the allergy index. things are budding out already and tree pollen is moderate and the mold spores are low. for the afternoon, mix of sun and clouds and windy. the chilly. low 40s. with a few flurries or snow showers at times. i think the best chances will be north of town. and then 30s this evening and notice the winds getting lighter. not light but lighter and they'll be less tomorrow. watching snow showers lot of them in pennsylvania. coming down our way on this northwesterly flow. and at times we'll show you the winds have been gusting over 30 miles an hour. a few light flurries here. i mean they're tough to pick up. the colors are so light now. north of silver spring trying to move through college park and rockville over to door answer town. even fairfax county a dumb to reston and -- couple to reston and up 270 to clarksburg into frederick county. light flurries coming through here and we've seen some from warrenton now west of manassas trying to move downright on the prince willi
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border. the sunshine clouds and d.c. and we're sitting at 39 anded files like -- it felix 30. the winds out of the west- northwest at the 17 and boy they're gusty. we're at 39 and 37 down in reedville and easton and leesburg. freezing in cumberland. teens in the mountains. get on the slopes if you can't do it today do it tomorrow. because you got to be tough. even going to be spring-like skiing here coming up. we've the winds gull -- got the winds still gusting in leesburg and gusts at 29 in washington. the warmth in the middle of the unitary is going tomo -- country is going to move to the east northeast. we're 50 tomorrow and mid- to upper 60s as we head into the weekend. and you can thank what's happening in california. they're getting slammed once again with this storm. six inches of rain possible in the l. a. basin maybe a foot in some of the mountains in california. more heavy snows and the cold which produced another foot of snow in maine. that's going to be replaced by those milder temperatures. i have a friend who lives outside about an hour north
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early december. snow is about as tall as she is she's telling me. 44 degrees and 30 tonight in town. in the suburbs in the 20s and winds do relax some. tomorrow, a cold start. milder finish. 50. spring-like on saturday. 6 #. and after today the wind won't be much of a factor. warm again sunday. monday, tuesday a tad cooler but 60. and 64 maybe by then a stray shower on wednesday. we'll see you on the other side of the
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check this out. it's a firefall at california's yosemite national park. this phenomenon happens every february. during this time of the year when the sun sets
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waterfall just right to make it look like a cascade of molten lava. but photographing it is difficult. there's only about a two minute window for a couple of nights where the falls look like this. but it is beautiful and we want you to see it. we'll be right back. just how far does weathertech go to protect your vehicle? i'm on it.
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[ monitor beeping ] >> jill: [ groggily ] why are you looking at me like that? >> esther: like what? >> jill: like i'm in a box and you're at a funeral. >> billy: just here to annoy you, mom. >> jill: go away, you two. go away. i don't need a pair of vultures hovering over me. >> billy: we're on escape duty, making sure you don't bolt. >> esther: we had to practically drag you to the e.r. last night. you looked terrible.


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